Latest build

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New/old snare for Brian Joseph and his new recording studio, “hive.” here in Eau Claire!

14″x5.5″ distressed blk. walnut exterior w/quilted maple, poplar, antique pine, straight maple & walnut interior (flat-faced solid wood, NOT veneer inlays.) The interior designs are based on highly-stylized flowers, as Brian is a bee-keeper.
Bearing edges are top: roundover outer w/reverse roundover inner, bottom: semi-roundover w/peak outer w/large reverse roundover inner. Non-vented drum.
Hardware: Brian wanted to match his old Slingerland studio kit and opted for vintage nickel over brass Slingerland large scallop lugs. All new stainless fasteners on interior. Hand-cut cork-rubber gaskets all around. Hoops are nickel over brass Slingerland, varying types. Throw is nickel plated vintage Premier of England. Snares are German-type.

A very interesting build. I learned a ton, and consider it one of my more involved drums.